Toy Story Happy Toy Room Re-MeNT Miniature Figure

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Phát hành ngày 10/07/2019
Re-MeNT miniature figure toy 'Toy Story Happy Toy Room'. Gorgeous Sushi Set Re-MeNT Puchi Sample Japan Festival Day Re-Ment Blind Box Doraemon Happy School Lunch Re-MeNT #toystory, #rement, #miniature

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holly shively
holly shively:
This company has gone beyond adorable with these kits!! To even have the outer box to make extra items and less trash!! Genius! Japan is awesome!!!🤗🌠👍✨
nithya sree
nithya sree:
I love the tape recorder. Wide open and funny. Also the keyboard and mouse very cute. Love all the fine details of every tiny toy
My most favourite part is coloring the spaceship. Ans the country music also relaxing.
Pamela Bortolin
Pamela Bortolin:
I really liked tiny buzz lightyear and sandwich Woody😂 but overall, everything was super cute😆 and I loved your stopmotion👌
More Locations
More Locations:
Very cute and interesting 👍🏻. I am going to watch the movie 😊
Trinity O’Neal
Trinity O’Neal:
I love your channel, it is so satisfying and fun to watch!
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Chew Jenny
Chew Jenny:
This miniature is so cute.
Chris Miralles
Chris Miralles:
Aww kawaii adorable miniatures love they made a miniature version of toy story Andy room awesome this worth collecting lots of fun and exciting surprises enjoy the video always love and blessings great job
Vengri Vengri
Vengri Vengri:
Cute ending!
Fantastic video! The Re-ment stuff is really amazing! It’s obvious that you read all of your comments! ❤️❤️❤️
Emilene Reina
Emilene Reina:
James Black
James Black:
Omg that miniature buzz lightyear is super duper cute 😍😍😍
Menarik sekali.konten yang sangat bagus dan tidak membosankan 😊
Jacki B
Jacki B:
Carla Lazzari
Carla Lazzari:
Thank you
Linda Deneher
Linda Deneher:
Too cute. I would have turned them all into jewelry.
shosho tv
shosho tv:
Владимир 15
Владимир 15:
El primero
里泊閒 -Jeffery Lee
里泊閒 -Jeffery Lee:
👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻
фокси фрейдди тв
фокси фрейдди тв:
Rita Avallone
Rita Avallone:
I like movie .
Abner Oliveira Cardoso
Abner Oliveira Cardoso:
Que legal briquedo que toys tori
Where can buy?
Ting Yi
Ting Yi:
Where can I buy it ?
Epic GamerStan
Epic GamerStan:
Melissa Scraper
Melissa Scraper:
i love toy story sets
coffeemug190 98
coffeemug190 98:
americano tv
americano tv:
Nice is verry verry japan toys
Que cojones
Erica Deaton
Erica Deaton:
I appreciate you taking the time to animate it. I feel like a kid all over again watching you unbox these. I am 39 and love it! :0)
Sr.Gamer -_-
Sr.Gamer -_-:
did you watch Toy Story 4?
I love your cute ending <3
Melissa Lober
Melissa Lober:
Toy story mini toys
Lady Aphelion
Lady Aphelion:
Anyone else having the audio/visual out of sync?
BabyDraw Tv
BabyDraw Tv:
Fantastic!!!! I love your video❤❤❤!!!
Melissa Garcia
Melissa Garcia:
Miniature yes so cute
Daniel TNT
Daniel TNT:
I did not watch the 4
undertale gacha life nekoi3
undertale gacha life nekoi3:
Yes they rip-off toys story too
m i
m i: